Some great posts church leaders should be reading

As a blogger you always want to come with new and fresh things to write about. I am no different but there are some moments when I just can’t put onto paper what is inside my head. This morning when I sat down to read all of my blog subscriptions I found that a lot of them were writing about the various things I have been thinking about. Instead of trying to restate what they said so well I thought I would share some of these great posts with you. I would encourage you to subscribe to them yourself as well, if you haven’t already.

Don’t Do It All Part One & Part Two. Craig Groeschel shares something that I have just started to learn, that I can’t and shouldn’t do everything. Some people will make you feel guilty if you don’t but better some unhappy guilt pushers than a burned out ineffective leader.

Church Planters: BEWARE! Devin Hudson posted this on Monday Morning Insights. It’s a really good post that every church planter should keep in the back of his mind at all times. Protect the vision at all costs and watch out for distractions, especially when that distraction is you.

Top Five Complaints I Hear From Pastors/Church Planters–Part One… Here Perry Noble points out some excuses that can easily creep into any pastors talking points. These complaints are not excuses, they are opportunities for growth in our leadership.

I Forgot My Wallet and Starbucks Paid. Mark Waltz shares another experience at Starbucks where they went above and beyond in the area of customer satisfaction. As church leaders it ought to make us think about how we can be more creative in developing the ultimate environment for people to find Christ.

Those are my favorite posts of the morning. I hope you take some time to read them and let them sink in.