Social Media and the Church

socialmediaclubSocial media is exploding. Every day there is some new start up and another way to connect with the masses. Every time I turn around a new site, tool or app comes out promising to enrich my life and relationships while saving me time. The bait works and I bite only too find out I am now having to access a dozen sites a day if I want to keep them all updated. I am so tired.

A little over a month ago someone who had just started checking LifePoint out wrote a piece for his class at Lee University. It was basically talking about my accessibility which appears to be in  stark contrast with many other churches in our general area. It helps that we are still a small church but I have many obstacles to be accessible myself. I work a job aside from the church which means I don’t even have office hours that I can schedule meetings. That means all of my church work and meetings have to take place on my off hours. Anyone who has done it knows that it’s a challenge.

So here’s the problem. I believe communication is key in almost every relationship and I also know that I am terrible at it. Why? I just don’t have the time to keep up with it all. With so little time available already I am always trying to find ways to maximize communication while at the same time not adding a bunch of new things that I have to remember to do. This is beneficial to me personally and professionally and can be huge for those of us who want to keep the church connected in the social web as well.

In this series of posts I will share some of my strategies, tools and techniques that I use to make a very inaccessible person quite accessible without a loth of repetition or time. Basically how can you leverage Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, blogs and such to keep your communication and your community up to date while not sacrificing your time on the altar of social media.