So many great posts, so little time

There have been quite a few posts recently about some topics that I feel very passionate about so I thought I would mention and link to them as well as add my two cents.

1. shared this post, Attractional AND Incarnational from Devin Hudson, the Lead Pastor of Grace Point Church in Las Vegas, NV.

    Devin’s post really says it all. I just recently did a post on the topic of the bad word, religion. If we are only attractional then we miss the point and continue to cast an ill light on Christianity. Religion is incarnational in practice and attractional by example. The truth is the church needs to learn to be attractive inside and outside its weekend services.

    2. Seth Godin made a post called Measuring stiffness.

      How flexible are you? If you are going to spend any time in an effective church this is an important question. As church leaders we must be flexible. We must be willing to see God working in and through things we might not understand or even like. On the flip side we have got to be firm enough to stick to the vision and mission that God gave us to begin with. Either extreme could lead to disaster.

      3. Craig Groeschel made a post called Have I Got a Deal For You!!!.

        I figure is now is a good time to share a story. Most people don’t know that used to sell vacuum cleaners door to door. It was an awful 15 hour days, 6 days a week. I would knock on the door, give a gift to whoever answered and before they could slam that door in my face I would run to my equipment with my hands over my head while joyfully shouting, “Have I got something amazing to show you!” Needless to say the door usually wasn’t open when I returned. The point is that I was supposed to be excited about the product but I was really only excited at the possible commission. Those who really believed in the product out sold me 10 to 1 (and when referring to a $1,500 sale, that’s quite a bit). Craig poses a great question. What would happen if we really believed in the product and not just the commission?