SHOUT OUT: Kevin Stover

I probably don’t say it enough but a lot of what I do wouldn’t be possible without Kevin. First of all I want congratulate him on the awesome job he did yesterday presenting the message. Public speaking is out of his comfort zone but he was willing to step up so that I could have a Sunday off from speaking to gear up for Easter.

Instead of the usual ‘here is what he does’ kind of rant, since I can’t think of something that he doesn’t do, I thought I would share what he has done. Not just for me but for all of you at LifePoint and all those to come.

  • When I left my paid position at one church to pursue Christ and the start of LifePoint, Kevin changed his plans to go to England for further education to follow a call to build and serve LifePoint.
  • Kevin, and Jessa for that matter, has sacrificed much needed finances to help me in the initial transition as well as a continued generosity towards the work of LifePoint.
  • Although Kevin has full intentions of continuing his education he is doing everything in his power to do it in such a way that he can continue to help lead the church.
  • Kevin has also simply been a friend to me when othes had abandoned me. Some for their own good reasons and life situations and others for no reason at all.

Take some time to visit Kevin’s blog and tell him how much you appreciate him. Your church wouldn’t be the same without him.