SHOUT OUT: Diette Ward

It is time for another shout out. Before I begin I would like to point out that the entire Ward family ought to get some credit for this shout out. They all sacrifice their home and time and do so lovingly and enthusiastically.

This weeks shout out goes out to Diette Ward. Diette has been a huge and indispensable help at LifePoint. She serves willingly and is always ready to attempt new things for the sake of reaching out to others. She is creative and very capable. She has more gifts than any one person should be allowed to have and yet tries her best to use them all to the fullest. Now on to some specifics.

First Sunday is an event that happens on the, you guessed it, first Sunday of every month. We gather at the Wards house for food, fun, and great community. This gathering is completely the brain child of Diette and is single handedly planned by her. On many occasions she has spent all of Sunday morning cooking just to make sure that it was the best it could be. This gathering has brought us closer as a church and given people who are interested in establishing greater relationships a safe, non-threatening environment to do so.

Diette has served in the nursery when needed and run the cafe when needed. Diette is also a very skilled and trained singer with a love for music that is unrivaled and will soon be adding her expertise to the music team. All of this while still going to school and taking care of a family.

Diette, you are a champion at LifePoint and an example for all to follow. Thank you so much.