Just got back from Wal-Mart. I prefer Target but unfortunately there isn’t one with out a 30 minute drive which is a little out of the way for a $3.00 transaction. As I was looking to check out I noticed an interesting thing. I was walking from one end of the store to the other to go through the self-checkout when I realized there were a lot of registers staffed by employees completely open and empty. When I finally got to the self-checkouts they had these huge lines.

Weird. People would rather wait in line to do it themselves. I don’t know what this says about Wal-Mart but it got me thinking how sometimes I as a leader choose to take the hard road of doing it myself, even when it’s not my job, when there are qualified people to take it over and get the job done.

Needless to say I let a Wal-Mart employee check me out. I hate making the same mistakes over and over again.