Seeing the big picture in a leadership evaluation

Almost two weeks ago I sent out a request to 17 people to evaluate me in 10 different areas. Since then 11 responses have come in and I don’t expect to see any more show up. Therefore it is now time for me to go through this evaluation in great detail to see what I can learn about myself and more importantly, improve about myself. There will probably be a lot of posts as I work through this publicly on this blog. My goal is to be transparent. When it hurts, I’ll say it hurts.

To begin I want to share my own distractions even in this evaluation. Evaluations like these can bring a lot of emotion to the surface both for the evaluated and the evaluators. With this in mind I want to offer how an evaluation like this ought to be processed. No expert has told me this, it just seems like wisdom. You can comment if I am wrong.

Don’t get caught up in the details

Below is a grid that shows how each individual scored me on each question for each category. Each color represents a number and in most cases the higher the number the better. This is all subjective though.

1 = Red

2 = Orange

3 = Yellow

4 = Light Green

5 = Dark Green


Now here is my tendency. I want to focus on the red and the orange. It doesn’t matter how much green there is in the above grid. Red and orange mean someone is not completely please with my performance and therefor I start asking questions. Before long I start going through each persons answers trying to figure out who or why.  Perhaps  you are more secure than I am. If so, great. My gut tells me that many more of you are just like me. Don’t sweat the details. This is not meant to be read line by line.

Why? Because as I stated earlier this can be an emotional experiment. Not only will my conclusions about people’s individual responses be wrong, the people may actually be wrong themselves.  One lone red in a column of green may simply be a persons emotional response to a decision I made or their misunderstanding of a particular situation they think they witnessed. One lone green in a column otherwise marked in the colors of the sun might just be someone who has never seen you in the appropriate environments and is offering a graceful response.

This evaluation is a broad stroke not a scalpel.

Get the big picture


Here is what I am looking at. Once I drill away the extremes by averaging everyone’s answers I get a clearer picture of how I am perceived on the whole. This help me. I immediately see areas that I may be in weak in while seeing others that I seem pretty solid in.

At first glance here are some of my thoughts. I would have liked to see some more dark green. Light green is still awesome and I am ecstatic that there is so much of it. However, in most cases dark green would be ideal. Obviously delegation seems to be a source of weakness but am very happy that integrity is the strongest.  Over the next few weeks I will write a post on each category and share the questions I asked. I hope we can have a discussion on how anyone, including myself could improve in these areas. This blog doesn’t get a ton of traffic but I hope those of you who do visit will participate and perhaps bring others into the discussion.

Until next time when we discuss STRATEGY.