Security deposits and rent, oh my!

There are few things that concern me. I am speaking of the church launch of course. Our music team is amazing. All the other necessary ministry teams are in place or will be come opening day. I am also pretty certain that we should have a good turn out at our first sneak preview. Where my faith does waiver is in the area of finances. That’s right, I said that sometimes I lack faith. Any church planter who says they never worry that things might not all come together is not being honest with himself or at the very least not being honest with other people.

Launching a church is very exciting but it can also be very scary. We are currently needing $4000.00 before January 10th. Almost everyone on the launch team has already given as much as they can but we still need more. To make matters worse we need $1,600.00 in the next three days to send with our lease for our launching location. We currently have $1,300.00 of it so there’s only $300.00 to go. My faith dilemma is, where do we get $300.00 in 3 days? Sometimes I wish God would let me in on a few more of the specifics that He’s doing. At least the financial ones.