Saturday morning and the game is on.

If you have not been keeping up tomorrow is the first sneak preview of LifePoint Community Church. I have been running around trying to get all the last minute things squared away. I doubt Will catch everything but I have a good team that won’t let it show.

I am so excited and bit nervous. We went into this just doing a lot of relational evangelism. So the only real marketing has been word of mouth other than about 4,000 flyers handed out at a couple of community events. Each launch team made a list of 5 people they were going to bring to the service as part of our outreach. Needless to say, we should have at least 125 people bases on that alone. Of course we could have many more because of the novelty of our meeting in a movie theater. We could also have a lot less because sometimes that just happens.

Either way I am very excited to share Jesus with whoever decides to come and trust God that it will be exactly who needs to be there. Keep us and our guests in your prayers. I’ll tell you what happened tomorrow.