That last sale may cost you more than you think

Every holiday you probably see several businesses offering sales on their products. You probably see this from the same companies every holiday.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Flag Day.

Any holiday becomes an excuse to offer a discount. The theory is that this will generate sales during otherwise slower seasons.

Although this may have short-term benefits it actually can do more harm than good?

The Hobby Lobby Syndrome

Several years ago I worked as an assistant manager at a local Hobby Lobby. This particular retail outlet is notorious for having half its items 40% to 50% off every week and the other half on sale the next.

This has two effects.

The first is that it trains its customers to never buy something at the regular price. After all, if they wait only one week what they want will probably be 50% off.

The second is that it reveals that their regular prices are inflated. If they can afford to sell their merchandise at 50% off every other week then what’s that say about their regular prices?

Discounts are a tactic

I’m not saying to not offer sales ever. Some companies use them to great success. You would do well to remember that they are merely a tool and any tool used too often will wear out and become less productive.

Saws become dull and motors overheat. Discounts do as well.

Making discounts meaningful

The short of it is you will probably not see any holiday discounts freely floating around for our products like Ninja Forms or Ninja Demo. That doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally offer discounts though.

We offer discounts strategically and in most cases they are offered in partnerships with other businesses. For instance, I love offering a discount that will assist in the success of another business. It’s a lot less about a products exposure and more about making another businesses offering a little more enticing than it already is.

Here are just a few places you may find a Ninja Forms discount for instance.

  • The UpThemes Personal Blogger WordPress Theme Bundle. This bundle offers 8 themes, free plugins, and exclusive discounts for over a dozen products. One of which happens to be Ninja Forms.
  • WP Migrate DB Pro – Purchase a license of this product and you will also get access to discounts from a few other great products like Ninja Forms.
  • WPSessions VIP – If you want to learn WordPress or more specifically WordPress development and business, then this is the place to go. By becoming a VIP member you will also gain access to discounts to many great products and services. Ninja Forms included.

These discounts may not be available forever but one fact remains for all discounts in general. Discounts for free and for no real reason says something about your product you might not be trying to say.

Have you seen any other tactics that may do more harm than good?