Risky Giver

I wanted to mention something I have been thinking about since I got the notification of Jared’s gift that I mentioned earlier. What an amazing act of faithful generosity it was. Now you might ask, isn’t it a natural thing for a Christian to give? The answer is…no more than anyone else. We are extremely selfish from birth so that would lead me to believe that it is in fact a fairly unnatural thing to do. So why do many Christians give? I would say mostly because it is expected of them in church culture, and so it should, but what happens when we give outside of the expectations? What happens when we become “Risky Givers”? Have you ever given more than you could afford, to something you couldn’t control, to something that didn’t affect you directly?

Here is what I can tell you about Jared. The only thing he knows about me and LifePoint is what he reads here on this blog and our church website. The only words we have exchanged have been on this blog. He personally stands to gain nothing whether LifePoint succeeds or fails. I can read his blog and find out what he says but I received his gift and therefore now know what he believes. Jared is a “Risky Giver”. The greater the risk the greater the possible return.

What kind of giver are you?