Religious vs. Spiritual

This is the title of our current series that starts this Sunday. Living in the “Bible Belt” I run into all kinds of people with many different views on this topic. I would dare say that Cleveland, TN is one of the most religious areas in the country with over 400 churches (this is just Christian denomination) in Bradley county alone. Yet, more and more people are not finding God in these churches and many have taken their search else ware.

The trend in our generation is to remove ourselves from any church or organized affiliation and pursue what some are calling a true spiritual walk. A true spiritual walk, that sounds great, sign me up.

In this series we will reduce religion and spirituality to the irreducible minimums and ask the question is one better than the other or are they both just an unattainable idea? If Jesus were to visit your hometown, would he be unwaveringly religious or deeply spiritual?

What are some of your thoughts?