Read the Bible in One Year – Part 5 (of 5): Write It Down

JournalTip #5 – Keep a record of your thoughts as you read.

So let’s flash forward 6 months. Are you going to remember that really cool revelation that you had back in Exodus? Perhaps, but for every neat thing you remember you will forget 5 others. Keeping a journal of some sort ensures that you will be able to recall that neat thought at a later time. Here are some ideas to help you keep track of those thoughts.

  1. Keep a specific notebook just for this reading plan. Write everything in the order that you are reading and you will always be able to close in on those once profound ideas.
  2. If using then type your thoughts in the Journal tab or privately in the My Version tab. Better yet, post it publicly in the My Version tab and allow others to benefit from your findings.
  3. If you decide to use E-Sword you can use their built in notes section. These notes can be linked directly to a particular verse or in a general list of notes.

It really doesn’t matter how you decide to take notes just that you do it. Another point to this is not to take thorough notes but to write down general observations as you go. If you try to make your notes to in depth you will actually stifle your reading time. Keep them brief.

That is all there is for now. I may share some more tips throughout the year to keep us improving our reading skills but this should get us started. Are you ready? Be sure to let me know if you will be joining me in this Bible Exploration.