Read the Bible in One Year – Part 3 (of 5): Manage Your Time

Regions Bank ClockTip #3 – Read when you are at your best and whenever is best.

The reason most people never finish reading the Bible through in one year is because of poor time management. I would say that the first reason is because people do not see that value of a committed reading schedule but I am operating under the assumption that you have that already figured out, which brings us back to time management.

People usually try to tell you when to read like, read in the morning or read at night but those rules don’t work for everybody. My suggestion is to read whenever you are sharpest and whenever you have the time. Let me talk about those for just a bit.

Reading when you are your best ensures understanding and retention. If you read while you are sleepy or distracted you will find that you cannot even recall where you left off much less what you read. Give the best of yourself to reading God’s Word and you won’t regret it.

Reading whenever you can simply means make reading opportunities. Do you spend a long time commuting? Then get a Bible on CD and listen to your assigned reading during the drive. Do you find yourself waiting for meetings or appointments? Bring your Bible with you and capitalize on that otherwise wasted time. Read during your lunch hour, on the bus or while your waiting for the water to boil. Everyone and everything is fighting for your time so make sure that you fight for time with God’s Word.

If at all possible I encourage you to set aside a specific time each day for your reading. That can be one long period or several short periods of time. The point is to build a habit of reading at the same time and protecting that time. Eventually you will find that you automatically go to read when those times come. This doesn’t happen over night so don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to become a habit. When all else fails refer to the above paragraph and read whenever you can.