Read the Bible in One Year – Part 2 (of 5): Choose Your Bible

Tip #2 – Choose a Bible that you are comfortable with.

Translation: There are many great translations out there. Some are strict word for word translations while others are a paraphrase. Paraphrases can be great for an easy reading experience although sometimes the strength of a passage is missing but all in all most are reliable.

Kevin’s Bible of choice is the New International Version which is a combination of paraphrase and word for word. For my reading I will be using the English Standard Version which is a word for word translation. Whichever translation you use, make sure you are comfortable with how it reads. You will be reading it for the next year.

Method: The Bible is more accessible now than it has ever been. Go to any bookstore and you can purchase one for less than $10.00. There are also tons of free digital options as well.

If you want a Bible that is everywhere you have access to the internet than check out Here you can not only read the Bible but what countless others are saying about what you are reading. You might even find interesting videos or websites linked to those passages. It is a total community reading experience. There is also, and I am sure countless others. is my online service of choice although it is still in beta testing. This is also where we are getting our 1 year reading plan.

If you would be more comfortable with something that you can have on you computer but does not require the internet then you need look no further than E-Sword. Not only are most of the options completely free, but there are tons of them as well. You can download various Bible translation, dictionaries and commentaries. You can also customize your reading experience a bit as well by adjusting the font type and size. All in all it is the best free Bible software around in my opinion.

For reading purposes I suggest you pick one translation but utilize every method needed to keep your reading on schedule.