Read the Bible in One Year – Part 1 (of 5): The Challenge

I have been waiting for a few months to do this but now it is time. On January 1st I will start reading through the entire Bible in the course of one year. I haven’t done this in a long time but I always get a lot out of it. There is only one thing that would make this Bible exploration even better, if you were to join me.

Reading through the Bible can be an intimidating undertaking so it is my desire in this series to offer some tips to remove some of the barriers that tend to hinder us. That is the main reason I am posting this so soon before we begin. I hope this will give you time to mentally prepare for the challenge. If you are ready, here are the terms of the 2008 Bible Exploration.

  1. I will be using the 1 year reading plan. I am sure there are others available and you are welcome to use them but I will be using this one.
  2. I will be posting my thoughts the day after we finish each book in a new category called, “Bible Exploration”. I invite you to comment your thoughts as well. I may post thoughts on particular verses as well, if the mood should strike me.
  3. This is a plan to read through the Bible in 1 year not study the entire Bible in 1 year. The purpose of the exercise is to become more familiar with the themes of the Bible not to dig into any of them. If you have a personal study time, keep it, this is different.

That’s it, pretty simple. Now it’s time for your first tip.

Tip #1 – Follow the tips I share.

I’m not posting them for the fun of it. I am posting them because these are things that I have discovered that have assisted me in sticking to a reading plan as well as get the most out of it. If you are serious about this challenge than I firmly believe these tips will make for a much more fulfilling experience.

So the question is…are you willing to accept the challenge. I will see you tomorrow with tip #2.