Reaching for a goal to fulfil a calling

Our goalAs a new church we have some challenges to face. Most established churches are funded solely on the tithes & offerings of those that attend. This is not usually a problem since most people in established churches are aware that their giving is directly related to the work of that particular church. So what do you do if that is not the case?

One obvious solution is to educate people on the subject. This is a necessary step no doubt but if given only thirty minutes with someone who does not have a relationship with Christ, I can think of more important subjects to discuss. It does not mean that it is not talked about but that it takes a lot more time with little doses here and there.

The problem is what do you do until then? What do you do when your launch team is giving all they can but it still isn’t enough. The answer, I don’t know. Many have talked on the subject of fundraising and the like. Many have talked about trusting God. The truth is trusting God ought to be a given but it to many times is not. This would also be a good time to point out that you rarely should do one without the other.

LifePoint needs $3,000.00 a month to do what we have started doing. We are now in the process of raising sponsors who would like to give for a period of time to impact Cleveland, Tennessee and the world. These sponsors will pledge to give a specific amount for a period from 3 months to 2 years.

The real point is that LifePoint is looking for people who desire to impact people’s lives. If you feel like God has been pulling on you to give a little extra to His work and want to give where it will help start a life changing church, here is LifePoint. We haven’t figured everything out but we are determined to give God everything we have.

If you are interested in joining this awesome responsibility please click here.