QC: Putting the most into relationships

I am really excited about this Sunday at LifePoint. We will fumble with our technology, we may or may not have a full band, and we definitely have something go wrong. This will not always be the case but for now, due to resources like money and time, this is what we have. in the end we get what we put in. More time, more money, and more attention will fix most of our Sunday morning struggles.

Here is something else that will happen Sunday. I will teach from my heart what God has been revealing to me. In fact I will be looking at the same concepts in the previous paragraph and apply them to our relationships. The only thing we can hope to get out of our relationships is what we put into them. Chew on that for a bit and if your want to know where I am going with this then I guess I will see you on Sunday. You can also check out LifePoint’s current message series page if Cleveland, TN is to far to travel.