Printing costs for a new church…GotPrint

Having a lot of money won’t fix all your problems but not having it can make things difficult at times. This is definitely true when it comes to marketing and programs or bulletins or whatever you use. It is in those times that you must start asking the questions about why you do the things you do and are they necessary. I’ll give you an example.

Bulletins are used in almost every church as a means to share information. They are also used to hold other documents you want your congregation to have such as offering envelopes, communication cards and message notes. They are useful because no one wants to be handed 3 or 4 loose documents but if you can place them all inside one pretty cool looking document it becomes more palatable. We have done this for our current series here at LifePoint. We bought some cd jackets that I had designed and placed all our documents in there. This has worked but after thinking about the bulletin a bit more it seems an unnecessary and even silly expense. Here is our situation.

We are focusing primarily on our Sunday experience at the moment. We don’t have small groups, membership classes or any other announcements for that matter. We do use offering envelopes and communication cards but it seems like a waste to have a bulletin just to hold those items. What we really want to do is create an environment where people will invite people to Sunday morning. So here is what we plan on trying for the next series. Since we are meeting at a movie theatre that has great cup holders we thought we would put them to use. Before the service we will simple place our offering envelope, communication card, pen and a post card type advert for the coming or current series in the cup holder. With a little creativity we might put something else in there as a little fun gift. We hope that this will actually cut costs while giving everyone resources to invite at least one person to church.

That is one way we have determined to cut costs while increasing quality, here is another one. I have on occasion and in a moment of urgency ran to Staples to make my print documents whether color or black and white. While this is fine as a last minute solution it can be more expensive and the quality is not amazing. Let me share a company I use for almost all of my print work. There quality is amazing and they are pretty fast over all but what I love about them the most are their prices. They are by far the cheapest with the greatest quality I have ever found so far. If you have found better, I would love to hear about it. The company is and I highly recommend them.

Kevin shared earlier about our new series that we are starting in May called Stranger than Fiction and I thought I would share the invite cards that we will be giving to our people to share with others. Of course this is another way we have tried to cut costs. I design almost everything that we get printed currently. I have a little graphic design experience but I am far from amazing so be nice.