Preaching to the choir… and man they’re cold.

A few weeks ago when I got up to get ready for work I turned on the TV to listen to the news and found a local preacher giving a message to his congregation, although televised for us all to experience. I am not going to even get into whether or not this particular ministry really needs to have a TV ministry or not but the preachers topic and the crowds reaction is what got my attention.

The message was on kindness and how we as Christians should be known for our kindness more than our treachery. I couldn’t agree more. Now I have to admit that I am not a fan of this preachers speaking style nor was his content well developed. This particular church was an amen corner church. You know the kind. Every word that the preacher says that remotely sounds right, and even some that don’t, gets an amen shout or someone stands up and raises there hand as to say…that’s what I think.

The peculiar thing about this message was that all the while the preacher was talking about kindness the congregation was silent. No amens. No shouts. No one standing up and clapping. In fact there was no response at all. I assumed that perhaps the audio wasn’t picking up the audience or that there really wasn’t anyone in the seats and he was really just preaching to the camera when all of the sudden he said something that got a response.

Once he mentioned that he didn’t think we were suposed to give to every person on the corner holder a cardboard sign, the crowd errupted with amens and shouts. The more he talked about not giving to those we might call deadbeats the crowd was lively and excited but as soon as he returned to kindess the congregation soon grew silent once again. It seems they cared more about not getting scammed than taking a risk on kindness.

The moral of the story…if he was preachig to the choir…the choir sucked. When we lean more on conspiracy than compassion we live a corrupt gospel.