Portable Files for a Portable Church

Anyone who knows me knows that I think Google hung the moon or that they are at least in the process of bringing me the moon. With that in mind it should come to know surprise that I would recommend almost all of their services. So today I thought I would recommend one service in particular.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Let me explain my love for this service. We started LifePoint 3 months ago. We don’t have an office anywhere to speak of unless you consider McDonalds. This makes it very difficult to collaborate and share documents with other passionate team members. Sure we could email them back and forth and hope we are all working off of the most recent document but inevitably something important will be overlooked or discarded all together. So what is the portable church to do?

With Google Docs & Spreadsheets I am able to create detailed files that touch on anything from assimilation to production to major events and share them all with the appropriate parties. Let me explain how I am trying to use them.

I have the entire Sunday morning experience planned out. All the videos, special music, worship, etc. In order to make sure that we are all on the same page well in advance of the service I need to get this cue sheet to all the players. There are 6 in the band. 1 guys person runs lights and the laptop is run by someone else. I can’t forget the set up crew. Al in all there are at least 12 people who need this information. Making sure it’s in a file format that all parties can view and being able to make changes on the fly is a real challenge that is remedied by Google Docs& Spreadsheets. When we are connected to the internet we are connected to our church network.

Here are some other ways they come in handy.

  • Message Collaboration
  • Project Work Flow
  • Follow-Up Team Resources

These are just a few. Try it out and let me know some ways that you are or are considering using this great service.