Pastoral Tools: Twitter

Occasionally I receive a little ridicule for my evangelistic nature. When I find something that I love and works for me I assume everyone should be using it. I have been using Twitter since February 22nd, 2008 although I have only started seriously using it over the past few months.

The question I constantly get about Twitter is …why? Why do you use twitter. One person jokingly said they thought it was so I could avoid actual personal relationships. While there are times that I do avoid them that is exactly the opposite reason I use Twitter.

Basically, Twitter extends my ability to be accessible. I have relationships with people on Twitter that I would never be able to maintain with my schedule. Family, friends and two jobs can really drain the ability to communicate with people on a regular basis. With Twitter I am able to extend my relationships, learn from peers, communicate my heart, as well as share my day to day life with those who might not otherwise be able to be a part of it. That’s a win win for me.

So if you are interested in connecting with me via Twitter you can do so at Feel free to look me up on Facebook as well.

You can also follow LifePoint Church at

So, here is you chance to be a twit.