Yesterday Kevin posted about our simple attempts to be faithful with what we had available and letting people know about the church. We did this with 250 door hangers. We didn’t have any money but we knew we needed to start somewhere. Well, we got our first complaint.

A woman called from the neighborhood where we placed these door hangers asking us to cease and desist from all future visits to her neighborhood. Her reason? She already goes to a church. I was shocked to say the least. There was already a church goer in that neighborhood? My demographics were way off. I thought that was an unchurched neighborhood. Obviously she has it all covered so our work there is done.

That has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. She also gave me her address so we would be able to log her in as a church goer and not make that mistake a second time. To all the church goers who would like to not receive a door hanger in the future simply slaughter a lamb and spread it’s blood on the door posts and we will be sure to passover next time. If that’s to much work just give it to someone who doesn’t go to church. We are on the same team after all. Problem solved.