Transitionaing and developing my personal brand

This site has gone through a lot of changes over the past 8 years. So has my life for that matter. This blog started as a chronicle of my journey as a church planter. Back then I blogged nearly every single day about church, spirituality, and life lessons. As my life became more erratic so […]

How Twenty Fourteen is Going to be My Year!

In my last post I talked about all the fantastic things that took place in the past year. It was an amazing year and I’m grateful for almost every part of it. I could have done without the episode with my heart but even that couldn’t take away from all the great things that have […]

Twenty Thirteen is Going to be My Year!

These are the words I opened this year with and in all honesty I said them with a hint of wishful thinking. I had no reason to expect 2013 to be some terrific year for me. Kevin and I were about to launch 2.0 of Ninja Forms and completely change the business model but how […]

2 nights in the ICU

I haven’t written on this site for over a year so you might be wondering why I’m writing this all of the sudden. One answer is I’ve been thinking about my own mortality and what I’ll leave behind. Another one might be that there is so many changes going on in my life right now […]

Freelance Tip: The truth about not trying

Most people know I’m a web developer and I sell products and do freelance work over at WP Ninjas. Over the years I had stopped taking on clients in favor of selling WordPress plugins. It’s been a nice change but a couple months ago I decided that I would start taking on clients again. Since […]

My first race is tomorrow

I have been running for about 5 months now and tomorrow is my first official race, the Chattanooga 4 Bridges Half Marathon. I’m excited but I’m also apprehensive. I just recently found out I have a hernia and so I haven’t really been able to run the two weeks leading up to the race. It’s […]

Faster isn’t always better

For the past 5 months, as a runner, I’ve only focused on going faster and farther. The goal is to cover whatever distance at a faster pace than the last time I ran the same distance. That’s great for running but can be disastrous in other areas of your life. A couple weeks ago I […]

Nike+ for WordPress

I have an extremely obsessive personality. Once I get into my head to do something I do it with a focus like few have seen. I set some goals to lose weight and just improve my all around fitness level and have been going strong for several months now. I will hopefully have a big announcement about that […]

Sub 200lbs – A huge milestone

I hadn’t been comfortable for along time. Tying my shoes, riding in the car, pretty much anything that caused me to bend made me very aware that something needed to change, but for one reason or another it just had not become a priority yet. One day when I stepped on the scale it was […]