One Week Without

I am still sick but I wanted to make sure that I did not miss this opportunity to celebrate one full week with absolutely no soda consumption. That may not be a great accomplishment to anyone else but I have been drinking 3 cans a day for years and is probably a major culprit to my gradual weight gain.

So today I celebrate being free from soda. One week and I don’t even miss it. Although I am addicted to a new beverage. This new addiction is better for my health but harder on my wallet. I hope I can resolve the two. I probably down 4 Propels a day which can get slightly expensive. I think it comes out to somewhere between $5.00 vs. 12 a week. Ouch.

Below are the nutritional values for my two favorite drinks and you will clearly see, if you didn’t already know, why I know longer drink Coke. The first one is Propel and the second one is Coke.