Nike+ for WordPress

I have an extremely obsessive personality. Once I get into my head to do something I do it with a focus like few have seen. I set some goals to lose weight and just improve my all around fitness level and have been going strong for several months now. I will hopefully have a big announcement about that very soon.

In order to aide in the weight loss process I took up running. This was a logical choice as I have a lot of friends who are runners so I would always have lot’s of encouragement and friendly competition. But what I really love about running is my ability to compete against myself. Faster, longer, faster & longer. Fastest mile, fastest 5K, fastest 10k, fastest half marathon. The ways in which I can accomplish a new personal best are almost endless which really keeps me on track.

Nike+ has been instrumental in this process. I love having the ability to keep a record of every run I make and all my personal records. The one thing that Nike+ doesn’t do well yet is share all your stats with the world. You can share individual runs on Twitter and Facebook and friends within Nike+ can see limited data but it still has a long way to go. I wanted a way to share my stats on my own website and the option to share just the specific stats I wanted in the moment. Luckily I do that sort of thing.

If you have a website and it’s powered by WordPress I’ve created the Nike+ WordPress plugin and it’s available now in the WordPress Repository. It currently lets you display your all time stats or most resent run with a widget or shortcode. I’m using it in this site so check out my sidebar or visit my running page to see my stats. Now go give it a spin.

I have some ideas for additional features but if you have some suggestions please feel free to submit them in the comments.