New denominations for the 21st century

Do you remember when we used to all argue which denomination was right? We used our denominations as bragging rights. I’m a Baptist, I’m a Methodist or the slam against all, I’m non-denominational. Of course most the time all we were really doing was pointing out our difference in styles of ministry and claiming ours was better than the others. Our actual doctrines were not all that different, at least not concerning the things that really mattered. And what did it accomplish? It accomplished huge divisions among us Christians. Instead of learning from what each denomination did right we focused on what we felt they were doing wrong. At least those days are gone…right?

We live in a day where most don’t want to be associated with a denomination or at least not advertise it. All you have to do is look at the growing trend in church names to see what I mean. Less and less will you find any reference to a churches denominational affiliation in their name. But that doesn’t mean we are done creating divisions. Our differences are still about style but we have created new labels to point out those differences. What label are you; modern, post-modern, emergent or maybe seeker sensitive? Maybe you prefer “Purpose Driven”? There are many other labels but I think you get my point. We attach ourselves to the label that best represents our preferences and close ourselves off to the great innovations that believers with different labels are discovering. Can’t we all just get along and grow together.

I’m not saying that labels are not useful for descriptive purposes. In fact I like to consider myself an emerging purpose driven modernized post-modern individual who is sensitive to seekers in a post-Christian world…with a cherry on top.