My problem with prayer

The KleinmannsAs anyone who reads this blog knows we have just started our current series called One Prayer. In this series we have joined with, I don’t know, a whole lot of other churches who are all answering the question, “If God was going to answer one prayer for the church at large, what would you play.”

This past Sunday I came prepared to share my “one prayer” with LifePoint. More on that in a moment. When the Kleinmanns arrived at church I found out that Tabitha had hurt her wrist the day before while roller skating. It was really swollen and they had plans to get it x-rayed. It looked like a sprain but it makes sense to get it checked out.

Well, earlier this week they got it x-rayed and it turns out that she did not sprain her wrist. She broke it.

Flash backwards to my message this past Sunday…Lord, Make us Broken.

My problem with prayer seems to be that I’m never specific enough. Someday I will learn.