My Life Motto

A friend and fellow LifePointer, Jeremy Moore, twittered yesterday that he was working on his personal motto. Which got me thinking that I have never talked much about the topic or even shared my own. So I thought I would share the reason for having a personal motto as well as share my own life motto and why I chose it.

What is and Why have a personal life motto.

In brief, a personal motto is a word, sentence or phrase that explains how you approach life in general. It’s a small glance at a much greater world view. The real reason for having a life motto, or creed if you will, is to choose how will live your life.

My Life Motto

My life motto is one I have had for years and comes from Romans 8:31. It’s simple and drives why I do what I do and how I face various challenges. Here it is.

If God is for me, who can be against me?

Why is my life motto significant to me. It’s simple really. The first part is a reminder of where Christ has positioned me. God is for me. The second part is really rich with meaning. The “who can be” in this passage can also be translated “who is”. As in, if God is on my side who is there to oppose me. What can possibly stress me out when I am walking with God? What can stand in my way when God has told me to do something? What trials, criticisms, disturbances, devils, financial woes, health problems, temptations or anything else for that matter, can stop me from living the life God has chosen for me?

God wants to do huge things through his children. If God is for us, what person or circumstance could ever stand in the way?  This is not a question of uncertainty but a challenge to remember who I serve.

Do you have a life motto? if so, please share.