My life motto put to song and this Sunday

I really had no idea what to title this post. I wanted to share a few things and all of them wouldn’t fit in the title to express more fully what this post would have. So hopefully the title I chose was enough to get you to check it out. And if you are reading this than it did.

I am so excitied that we are having Jason Dooley lead our music this Sunday. Jason has been filling in on the drums while Derrick has been out of town. I think that is about 5 weeks so far. What a guy! The coolest things is that he has agreed to lead the band for us this Sunday.

Jason’s style is an interesting one. I liken it to 80’s pop rock. It is very cool. If you would like him to lead more often be sure to tell him how much you enjoyed it and how awesome he is. The fastest way to a musicians heart is through their ego… j/k…kind of.

Now I didn’t ask for permission but I am going to take the chance that Jason doesn’t read this blog and share a song that he will be doing this Sunday. This is one of his originals and should give you a good idea what we can expect from him. The lyrics are below as well.


Bring Me Down

I’m letting go of all the things
that bring me down, that bring me down
because I see peace, it’s here I laugh aloud it’s here I dance about
because I believe

In the God I serve
who has parted seas
He sent his son who died for me
All my sins were nailed to a tree
To all my fears Christ has set me free

so what can bring you down
nothing can bring you down
nothing can bring you down

In my last post I shared my life motto, if God is for me, who can be against me. This song says the same exact thing in a much simpler way…what can bring me down

A Video To Boot

In the spirit of our current series that starts this Sunday as well at LifePoint, here is a video that really sets a great tone. It’s for Apple but it is exactly what we are going to be talking about. Enjoy.