My first message promotion.

I read blogs all the time of other pastors talking about how their next message is going to be great or “off the hook” or some other cute phrase. Well, for the first time in LifePoint history I am going to make such a claim. Don’t worry, I have already been informed that certain people should not use phrases like “off the hook” and that I am one of them so I will refrain.

This Sunday we are continuing our series Life Behind Bars with the topic of doubt. Will all of your doubts about God be settled once and for all? I doubt it, but I will attempt to free your doubts. You heard me right. I am not going to even attempt to free you from doubt but free you to doubt. This Sunday we are going to point out the elephant in the church that everyone wants to pretend isn’t there. We are going to face our doubts, embrace our doubts and hopefully learn how to play nice with our doubts.

Here is the thing that many of us miss. Our relationship with God isn’t stalled because we have doubts. The struggle we are having with God is that we think everything has to be settled before we can move on. We do this because we think it is the rational thing to do but this Sunday we will discover that isn’t the case.

I am extremely excited about the message this Sunday and I am asking you to not miss it and in fact bring as many people as you can. Of course you should do that every Sunday. 😉