My favorite 12 posts written by me

I know it seems a bit strange to post a list of my own posts but if I don’t…who will? As I said yesterday, we have now been blogging for one solid year and a lot has happened and some of it has made it to this blog. Here are my top 12 posts that I have written over the past year. Most of these are on the list because they were responses to life circumstances. I hop you enjoy.

  1. Darkness Falls – Everyone sees spiritual parallels in the Matrix but God talk to me through horror movies.
  2. New denominations for the 21st century – Why I hate labels.
  3. 5 Characteristics of Highly Critical People – I have met my fair share and sadly used to be a card carrying member.
  4. God is F@&$ing Awesome! – I just like saying it. I would actually like to hear more people express themselves to God that honestly.
  5. Do Less for More. – I am still learning that LifePoint is not called to do everything.
  6. Haircuts and Quiet Time with God – What my hair stylist must think of me. That’s right, I said stylist!
  7. Are you the one? I’m not. – And still ain’t.
  8. Everything isn’t “High Priority” – But you wouldn’t know it watching me stress out.
  9. Fashion Jewelry Christianity – This post was me for so long and my desire to is to lead people out of this mindset.
  10. There goes the neighborhood – What you do with your house says a lot about your view of the neighborhood.
  11. Your log, their speck, my opinion – Careful…the splinters are flying.
  12. Tent City and Delayed Reactions -What would it be like if we cared before it became an issue?

So there you have it, my top 12. I have written 250 of the 430 posts in the past year so you can imagine the amount of garbage I had to sort through to find these 12. 😉 Which ones are your favorite?