My favorite 12 posts written by Kevin Dwight Stover

As promised, here are my favorite 12 posts from Kevin. No, I will not throw in the gimmicked 13th post.

  1. Stay the course – One ship drives east and another drives west/ With the selfsame winds that flow./ ‘Tis the set of sails and not the gales/ Which tells us the way to go. –Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  2. When Christians Attack – Not only is it stupid, it’s counter-productive.
  3. Let’s Play Pretend – …
  4. The Miracle of Community – Truthfully, I believe that if we start cultivating this one the rest will follow.
  5. The Discovery Channel – The Lost Tomb of Jesus – Or, How much bad information can we put into one show.
  6. Way of the Master vs. The Rational Response Squad: Round 1 – Some of you may be aware of the friendly and yet poor debate that we had with self-proclaimed historian Rook Hawkins. Well, this is the post that started it all although Rook didn’t comment until here.
  7. On “Proving” God’s Existence – Kevin tackles the big question…Can Science prove the existence of God? No. But read the post to see why.
  8. What the Church Can Learn From… An Abandoned House – My favorite line, “It’s amazing how quickly a beautiful house can turn into an eyesore when people stop living there.” How many Christians and ministries decay because “people stop living there”?
  9. Church Membership? pt 1 – This definitely breeds a “be served” rather than “be  a servant” attitude.
  10. The Rantin’ Remnant – These people are everywhere. They say “they want a revolution” but really they’re just “waiting on the world to change.”
  11. It’s Boycott Time Again! – We expect unbelievers to act like Christians when most of us Christians don’t even act like Christ. I think we should boycott ignorance.
  12. Ministry Time Doesn’t Equal Personal Time – I am reminded of this in every trial I face.

There you have it. These are my favorite 12 posts by the amazing writing of Kevin Dwight Stover over the past 12 months. I suspect he will have some even better posts in the year to come, although I don’t know how that would be possible.