My apologies

It has been brought to my attention that I have not been blogging at all in the past month or so. I know this of course but I thought I at least owed an explanation and possible resolution.

When I started blogging I was already in a job where the hard part had been completed. What this means is, as a bi-vocational pastor I had a lot of down time to blog during the day while dedicating my night life to family and church work. Those of you have been following the blog know that I have recently taken on a new job where I am redesigning their website and intranet from scratch. This pretty well keeps me busy all day with little to know available blogging time. And, of course, I still have my family and the church.

So what is my resolution? I’m not sure. I have been to busy to create one. In fact I am writing this post on my lunch break. Wait! Maybe I could do that. Just kidding. I usually am busy then as well. My resolution is to continue to keep communication a priority in my life. How that shows up in blogging is still unclear although I will still keep doing it.

Who knows. Maybe I’m getting my second wind.