Movie Theater Marketing, Coming Soon!

About two weeks ago we signed the contract and made the downpayment on some pre-movie marketing. We have wanted to do this for some time but money and timing have always been an issue but now it’s a go.

First it’s great because this video will be played before every movie at the theater where we hold our services. We will film for the ad this coming Sunday and it goes live May 1st.

I am extremely excited about this since it is the first official marketing that we have done for LifePoint since we launched. Well, actually ever. We are relatively invisble at the theater unless you happen to stop by on Sunday morning when we are meeting. And since there is no reason to be at the theater at that time, we don’t get a lot of drive-by interest. Most of our guests come form invites form attenders and our website. Thats not a bad thing but this will really open up our reach.

Lets see what happens!