Monday Morning Download

  1. I really enjoyed the message yesterday. This may sound strange but I don’t always but occasionally the message has a profound impact on me.
  2. A couple in the church took us out to lunch for a belated Pastor’s Appreciation day. I never pay attention to these types of things but when someone else does, it means a lot.
  3. I lost my wallet last week so I am in the process of recovering all of my important things such as drivers license. bank cards, etc.
  4. This Saturday LifePoint will be helping with Habitat for Humanity to build a house. If you want to be involved, visit the site and create a login. Make sure that you choose LifePoint as your group and then sign up for the November 3rd project. We absolutely need at least three more people on the online volunteer list.
  5. This is actually a pretty busy week. Monday night meeting, Possible Wednesday night meeting, Thursday night small group, Saturday at Habitat for Humanity and to finish out the week, this Sunday is our First Sunday Luncheon. If you are new to LifePoint and would like to get to know us better this is a great place to do so. Lunch is on us directly after the Sunday service at the Wards house. See the welcome table for directions.