Missionally Connected, God Deprived

I have been trying to realign my life over the last week or so and I am really excited at how I am already feeling a change. Yesterday I spoke how realized that I was sleep deprived and how I planned on changing that. Well, I started last night. I have to admit it was hard and it will probably get harder before it becomes a habit. One of the reasons it’s so hard is because I am always plugged in. I live my life in front of a computer, all day at work and then most of the time all night at home. Whether it be work, study or play I tend to be connected to something. The problem is that lately it has only been to the computer and not so much to God or my wife. So I have been making changes not only in my sleep but also while I’m awake.

This started last night and I already love it. If this something you have a clear practice on then congratulations but allow me my moment of renewal and revelation. Angela usually goes to bed at 10 p.m. while I lately keep working till about 1 or 2 in the morning. This is obviously not healthy for many reasons. From now on I have a new way of dealing with my evenings. When Angela goes to bed at ten I turn off the TV and the computer. This is one huge step for me. It cuts me off from my obsessive work habits. I now spend the last half hour of my day in prayer and God’s Word. This isn’t the only time but it is the only consistently scheduled time. When I get up the next morning I also will not be turning on the computer or TV but instead will have breakfast with God. I know it’s crazy, a Pastor starting and ending his day with God. I spend a lot of time studying and talking to God but I believe that these two periods of time are going to become the most meaningful to me.

It’s easy for us to become obsessed but the question is are we obsessed with the right things?