Mind Mapping

When you first hear the words mind mapping they kind of sound like some sort of new age mumbo jumbo. I first heard about it when browsing Ed Young’s website several months ago. I decided I wanted to learn more about it but haven’t had the chance until now. Recently I bought a book and CD on the topic by Michael Gelb and am very excited about this new way of getting what’s in me out of me. I guess that could be taken in more ways than I meant.

Mind Mapping is a way of brainstorming and organizing your thoughts in a quick and creative way. You start by drawing an image that represents your main topic and that you free associate keywords around that main topic as in depth as your mind wants to go. This, of course is a very oversimplified description of the process but I have already seen amazing results in my own work.

Mind Mapping can be used for message preparation, event planning, vision development, etc. The uses are unlimited and the potential is amazing. I will write more on this in future posts.