Me and my big mouth

I recently posted a comment on Tony Morgan’s post concerning Mark Driscoll’s talk at the C3 conference yesterday. After reading it I realize that there was something that I could have made a little clearer. This point is in defense of Mark’s talk but I didn’t want to make the comment any longer than I already did. With this in mind here is one thing that would have totally changed my opinion of what he shared.

He could have offered his definition of religion. Now he may have but it wasn’t in any of the bullet points that I read. I say this because religion means different things to different people. This is true even in the Bible or at least of its many translators. Had he said self-made religion is…, I would agree completely but to only say “religion” includes the religion that the Bible speaks highly of and calls all believers to faithfully practice.

Tony also corrected me on some of my over enthusiastic statements. Thank you Tony for the correction, I realize that my comments were much more aggressive than I wanted them to be but at least I’m passionate 😉 In the end this is obviously a semantics issue and all parties probably agree that “self-made” religion corrupts “undefiled” religion and hinders the Gospel. I just wish I would have said it without my foot in my mouth.