Making some changes in leadership

With our first preview service under our belt it is now time for me to make some changes in how I lead. Why you may ask? Up till now I have had my hands in everything. I have been part of planning, production and implementation of every area of LifePoint Community Church. My home looks like a warehouse with the remnants of first time visitor gifts, bulletins and just about anything else you could think of. This was need for the initial preview service so that I could give hands on direction but now I must learn to adapt to hands off direction. This is extremely hard for me because I have a tendency to feel guilty for not doing what I am fully capable of doing. But as we all should know by now, just because we are capable of doing something doesn’t mean we are meant to do it.

This change is only possible because of the great team that God is building here at LifePoint. My co-author on this blog, Kevin Stover, has been a huge piece in the puzzle for this to take place. There is no one who understands the vision of LifePoint better or has committed more to its success. Kevin has led well with no title and only stepped it up when one was given. He has been my assistant for some time and now is taking on the role of Executive Pastor, although the both of us are still unpaid staff. What does this mean for Kevin? A whole lot. What does this mean for me? A whole lot less. Kevin will be overseeing all things that pertain to our volunteer ministry teams as well as the overall process of Sunday mornings. I will then be freed up to focus on vision, communication and overall leadership. Although Kevin and I both handled all these things before, this division of responsibility will make both of us more focused and effective.

Tonight I also have a meeting with a student who needs a pastoral internship for this semester. We will discuss what the college is wanting him to get out of this and more importantly what he wants to get out of this. I have actually known the guys for a few years and He is awesome. He loves God and will be a huge asset for as long as he is with us. I will probably have him assisting Kevin and sitting in on our planning meetings as well as various other tasks that will benefit his learning experience. Here’s to change.