Looking Back on 5/20/07

Every Sunday is about the same for, at least after service. I never know what to expect before or during. After the service I am so completely drained that many times I just go home and collapse. This Sunday was no different in that regard but we did have some different stuff going on for the service. So here I go with my reflections of the past Sunday.

  • We had a full band for worship this Sunday. It has been about a month or so since we had the whole band together. It wasn’t great but it was pretty good. ;0) I really enjoyed the feel of having the full band sound again.
  • Kevin played bass. This has been the first time he has played the bass in the last couple years but he did a great job.
  • Dr. Ward taught in my place. It was great. I am really particular about who teaches on Sunday mornings, not that I’m the greatest, and Dr. Ward did a great job and I look forward to many Sunday’ s of his teaching in the future.
  • We tried a different tear down process and got all loaded up about 30 min. earlier than usual. We also had a little extra help which is always awesome.

All in all it was a great Sunday. A special shout out to all our volunteers who make it happen every single Sunday. You guys are awesome. For those who are just getting started with us, it is always and adventure.