Looking back on 5/13/07

Every Sunday is a day of learning for me. From what works to what doesn’t. From what needs to be more organized to what needs to flow more freely. This Sunday was no different. Here are few points from this Sunday.

  • I really enjoyed praise & worship. I don’t need to be leading it but I still enjoyed it regardless.
  • Randy (He and his family started coming three weeks ago) played the congas and bongos and it was really cool. We need to rebuild and add to our current band so that we aren’t doing acoustic “every” week. Randy is a huge help in that direction.
  • Still adjusting to the whole teaching team thing. Getting ahead of ourselves in the message prep process will assist in that.
  • We were short handed and everyone did a great job of getting everything done.
  • Our Mr. T tribute to our mothers is still cracking me up.
  • God was there even though I am not so sure I was.
  • I miss my Mom…