Looking Back at 5/6/07

I really appreciated Gary Lamb’s post about his service on the same day. As a young, new and terribly inexperienced church planter it can be very overwhelming to read all these awesome ministries just doing better and better, week after week. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time all it does is pump me up to accomplish my part in the great design but occasionally it can make you question yourself. Anyway, enough with that rant. Here are some observations from this Sunday.

  • Our band hasn’t been even remotely a complete band for the past two weeks. I miss them.
  • I can’t do everything. I took the first step in doing less this week by having Kevin take up the offering and close the service. Now if I could only find a worship leader.
  • This was the first Sunday teaching a message that was prepared by our new teaching team. Here are my thoughts on that process.
    • It is hard teaching notes that are not yours. I guess it comes with practice.
    • I need to learn how to trim our notes down into a succinct 30 minutes.
    • I have been teaching with no notes and now that I am teaching with a team, notes are a bit more necessary. It is interesting to adapt my presentation style in the context of a teaching team.
    • The first message with this process was a lot more fun to prepare but didn’t go over as well as I would have liked. I guess that’s what happens when you try something new.
  • Our children’s team is awesome. I heard a great report that our teachers were engaging the few kids that we had as if there were dozens. That’s awesome.