Looking back at 4/29/07

This past Sunday was great. I would love to say that it’s because everything went smoothly with no complications but that is not the case. In fact we had more complications this Sunday than any other one to date. Here is a list of the things that went wrong leading up to service. It actually started early on in the week.

  • Preston, one of our main musicians just got a new job and had to work on Sunday.
  • One of the founding couples on our launch team, who also were the majority of our children’s ministry, left the church.
  • The morning of the service Myk, another important musician, was throwing up and couldn’t get there. That made us a two piece band, which actually means we have to go acoustic.
  • The computer we use to run “everything” for the adult service crashed and hour before the service. Kevin got it up and running again but that didn’t help with my anxiety at first.
  • We get ready to start the service and one side of our lighting blew all of its fuses. Now our lighting is inadequate and a bit lopsided.

Needless to say it was not the flawless Sunday morning experience we all long for. Here is what happened despite all of our complications.

  • We had a 71% increase in attendance from the previous weekend. It seems very impressive when I say it like that.
  • We had 7 first time guests, all of which were very cool people I might add.
  • And the best thing that happened at the service was that one person rededicated their life to Christ. Isn’t that why we do all this in the first place.

All in all this had to have been one of my least stressed Sunday’s of the launch and one of the most fulfilling so far. I think I can go another round.