Looking back at 04/22/07

This is the beginning of a new category for Verge. One of my great regrets is that I have been married for over 9 years and I only have a handful of pictures of Angela and myself. We are slowly making strides to fix that but it got me thinking about other areas of my life. I have forgotten a great deal of my life before the age of 18. Even memories I have from then till now seem to be more dreamlike than vivid recollections of actual events. But I want to remember.

I want to remember the struggles that I had to go through to get where I am. I want to remember the awesome things God has done along the way. I want to remember. So at least as far as the church is concerned this will be the place I will log the various events happened at LifePoint. I will hopefully post them within a few days of said events as to keep my notes accurate. So here goes the first one.

  • I really need to stop leading the music. I’m not talking direction but actual performance of the music. Reasons: Not my gifting, not my skill set, not my desire. When you add all these up you have to wonder why I have been doing it. We shall save that for another post.
  • We had 4 first time guests. We’re still small and only a few door hangers for marketing so that is still cool. A follow-up post on this topic is coming later today or tomorrow.
  • One of the first-timers heard about us through a pre-launch flyer that was handed out over 4 months ago and has been circulating around their family. Talk about a forgotten seed that sprouts up out of nowhere.
  • Set-up and tear down went very smoothly. There are 4 of us who meet at 5:30 a.m. do get all of our stuff to the theatre and get it mostly set up. The 3 other guys are champions in my book.
  • The music and the message went great! I led both of them so I might be a little biased.
  • We had some technical difficulties with Media Shout and my stupid computer. The videos don’t play and when they do there is sound but no video. We are going to need to fix that this week.

That’s it for this addition of Looking Back. I realize it wasn’t really meaty but it will evolve in time…I promise.