Little Brother Leadership

I was the youngest child in the family and I think that has effected how I deal with life and leadership. My brother Tim is 5 years older than me and is the talented one. He’s a musician, an artist and extremely funny. Any sense a humor I have, I owe to him. We fought all the time. I was the mouth and he was the bully. That is probably the norm for big/little brother combinations. The truth is I really looked up to him. Even though he was my biggest adversary he was also my biggest defender. He used to say that no one could beat me up but him. I found a strange security in that.

As I grew up I found myself always hanging out with people older than myself. At 17 I spent more time with the singles ministry than the youth ministry at my church which was always weird because they were mostly 35 or older and all women. The singles ministry not the youth group of course.

At this point you might be wondering where I am going with all of this. Well, as I was driving to work today I was thinking about my leadership style at times. Looking back I realized that at times I lead like a little brother. Here are a few characteristics of a little brother leader:

  • They don’t step out unless someone has their back.
  • They are always looking for the nod of approval.
  • They prefer praise over progress.
  • In the end they get beat up from within.

We learn a lot while growing up but sometimes it’s just as much about what we unlearn as it is what we learn that will make us effective leaders. Are you a little brother leader? Are there some characteristics that you think need mentioning?