Leading Worship vs. Worship Leader

Most people who know me and know LifePoint Church know that we currently don’t have worship music on Sunday mornings. Through various life happenings a majority of the musicians are no longer available. This seems like a huge gap in the expectations of a Sunday morning church gathering and I have to admit it takes a little getting used to.

First let me say that I’m capable of leading worship but it is not my skill or gifting by any stretch of the imagination. I have also decided that as a new years resolution that I was no longer going to allow myself to live outside the provision of God. What that means is we will have worship music when God provides a worship leader.

The reason for this post is to respond to the various people who have come up to me offering to lead worship. I guess the simplest way to put it is I’m not interested in anyone leading our worship. I am looking for somebody who has an interest in being a worship leader. And not just a worship leader, our worship leader.

I thought perhaps I would share the following list on what I think our worship leader should be.

  • Committed. To God and the people who make up LifePoint. Seems obvious but for many it isn’t.
  • Driven. I expect our worship leader to think about the music the same way I think about the  message. Throughout the week with expectation and much planning.
  • Consistent. The worship leader is expected to be there every Sunday. I can’t miss very many, neither can they.
  • Passionate. Not for music but for people. I don’t preach week after week because I love preaching. The stress of the weekly pressure would have caused me to quit a long time ago. I do it because I love people and opening up God’s Word to them.

That’s it in a nutshell. None of this is to say that I’m not appreciative of those who have offered or that I won’t occasionally work with people to do music for us here and there. It just means that I will not put this responsibility and huge task on just anyone. You have to be called to it and want it out of obedience to the One who placed those gifts in you.

Any Questions?