Leadership Evaluation with a little help from my friends

line_graphI would hope that everybody would like to be a better person. Not for approval or acceptance but for the simple goal of being better for the people around you. I want to be a better person. A better husband, friend and yes, leader. But how can anyone do that.

The problem is I can’t be honest with myself. I am always either harder or easier on myself than I ought to be. The data is corrupt. Another problem with self-evaluation is that I may answer questions based on my intentions and not on my observed actions. This is also corrupt data. I could just ask people who know me but unless they are extremely confident they will never be as brutally honest with me as I would need. Not to mention that it might be hard to receive face to face. I am human after all.

So what are the options when you know you can’t trust yourself to be honest or don’t believe you could handle a face to face critique of your very being. Well there are paid services that you can use to send evaluations to your people and then have that data given to you. I just filled one of these out for my boss a few weeks ago. I don’t have the money to spend but I do have my own free metods.

Using Google Docs I created a form with all of the questions that I wanted to be evaluated one and and sent the form to people who knew or have observed me well enough to answer it. I sent this out yesterday and some replies have already started to come in. Apparently some people are very eager to evaluate me. I appreciate that.

Over the next…however long,  I will be blogging full-disclosure of this process and my findings. This is very difficult for me because, like anyone else, I want to be liked. I have to be very careful not to read into the results. I will be writing about that as well. With all that said, I want to be a better husband, son,  brother, friend, leader, servant more than I want to be liked. I realize that those don’t always go hand in hand.