Last Week in Review

I am sure everyone noticed that I did not post at all last week. I find it very difficult to write when I have allergies kicking my butt up and down miserable street so I refrained. I know that many of you may feel like you have had a week robbed from you so I will offer a week in review. That’s right, all the great stuff you may have missed from last week with none of the commercials.

  • Systems – I know this sounds strange for a church that is a year old and it probably explains why we have only come as far as we have, but we have been diligently working on the systems of LifePoint. This has been a great year of learning for me and I am now in that place where I am seeing LifePoint’s and and my own weaknesses more clearly. Even better things are coming.
  • Allergies – It started a little on Monday. Although Tuesday wasn’t terrible, by Wednesday I wanted to die.
  • Friends – Some friends of mine recently told me that they were going to start coming to LifePoint. That made me happy. They are awesome people and I suspect that God will do awesome things through them at LifePoint just like he does everywhere else.
  • Blogs & Bibles I read this post last week and it made me laugh. Both for my love for the ESV bible and my childhood love for G.I. Joe.
  • Sleep – Due to the whooping I had been receiving from my allergies I slept most evenings as soon as I got home from work. That slowed down the church work flow just a bit.
  • Premarital Counseling – I finished up the sessions with a great couple that are getting married on July 12th. God has big plans for them.
  • Basketball – I played for about 3 hours on Saturday. The ironic things was I didn’t get hurt until the second to the last play of the day. I went for a loose ball and some guy on the other team knuckled it. He caught my hand on the ball and jammed my finger pretty bad. My knuckled swelled to the size of my ankle by evening. I still can’t even bend it today. It is, however, swollen to the perfect shape for typing and using a computer mouse. No missed work here.
  • Sunday – We had a really great service at LifePoint. A lot of visitors, a flexible team in the face of sickness and technical problems, and a great message (if I do say so myself…and I do). All in all it was a great day and not that bad of a week.