Keep It Simple, Stupid…

When we finally decided to launch LifePoint the way we are doing now the title of this post were the words I could have sworn God spoke to me. They may not seem very profound but in fact they are some of the most profound words He could have spoken to me. I’ve tried to do everything. At least everything people thought was a good idea. In that process I discovered that the more you do the less you accomplish.

So what does that mean for LifePoint? We are currently focusing on two things and only two things; Sunday morning experiences and one single cause for our community. The question is not could more be done but could more be done with excellence. Not right now. Do we have plans for other things? Of course we do but we will not move so fast that we forget that first things first. Small groups, greater community outreach and youth ministry are all coming down the road; and to be honest I can hardly wait but I must. God has big plans and to get ahead of Him would be a huge mistake as would doing things we were never meant to do.

Craig Groeschel talks about how that has played out at in his post Don’t Do It All, Part Four. It is interesting that he talks about how he didn’t feel it was a “real” church. I have struggled with those ideas as well especially when I was confronted by some members of my launch team some time back making that very claim. It was hard to hear because I loved them and respected them a lot and I still do but it was also needed to open my eyes even more. What is a “real” church? What is “real” worship? What “really” changes lives?

Real church is people who love God. Real worship is when those people are serving one another and their community for the sake of Christ. What really changes lives is Jesus Christ. This is the type of church I want to lead and I will not back down.